Spanish Home Cooking

The journey to my book of Spanish cuisine began with an invitation to celebrate a wedding in Spain. As my husband and I traveled through the country, I realized how much I loved the culture, the language, the food, the beauty of the countryside, and the openness and generosity of the people.

As it happened, that period coincided with my entry into the Internet. It was on line, during a discussion of recipes, that Nacho from Barcelona suggested we get together and write a Spanish cookbook. It seemed like a perfectly natural idea. Though we had no idea where such a book would lead, neither did we doubt that it would yield an array of delicious discoveries.

In all, I made several long trips to Spain, camera and tape recorder in hand, learning as I went. I was invited to share many home-cooked meals, from whole-family gatherings to dinner for two, always in good company. People generously gave me recipes and helpful explanations as well. And at bars, in restaurants, wherever I was, I asked for more ideas.

One spring day, on my quest for the best gazpacho, a waiter in Córdoba said to me, "You Americans always ask how things are made so you can go home and do the same thing." "Of course," I answered, "that's the idea!"

Now you can enjoy your own tour of Spanish cooking!
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